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  Open hours:
  The Park Restaurant and Summer Terrace:  thursday-saturday – 19:00-06:00 
  D*Lux Lounge Bar: thursday-saturday – 19:00-06:00
  D*Lux Nightclub:  thursday-saturday – 19:00-06:00

D*Lux is the most luxurious, energetic, and chic club complex in Ukraine! It is the prime place where the social, political, business and arts elite mingle to play and be seen. Located in the historic center of ancient Kyiv, «D*Lux» has been the center of social elite entertainment since the old Soviet days when it was opened back in 1939, making it an unparalleled legend on the clubbing scene in this part of the world.  Nestled in a beautiful park, surrounded by lush greenery, this entertainment complex combines everything necessary for an unforgettable culinary, chill and party experience.  

As you climb the creatively lit outdoor majestic staircase up to the entrance of this mansion-like venue of over 2500 m²; your excitement grows with the anticipation of the unique, overwhelming experience you will soon enjoy. 

The Complex was awarded:

  - The most fashionable club space (L’OFFICIEL Awards, 2010)

  - The Best Night club (Nochnoy Kiev Awards, 2010)

  - The Best asquire (UniCredit Bank, 2011)

  - The Best Night club of Ukraine (Choice of the year, 2011)

  - The Best Night club of Ukraine (Choice of the year, 2012)


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